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Skadden Arps

Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom is the Leading Pro Bono Law Firm

Skadden Arps or Skadden is also known as Skadden, Arps, Slate, Meagher & Flom. It is one of the prestigious firms, which is located at NYC. The generous law firm has an extensive history which goes all the way back to 1948, when the firm was founded by the three ambitious partners in New York City.

Skadden has 22 offices worldwide as of December 2016. It has been observed that Skadden was the 4th largest law firm in the United States in 2015 and 2016 in terms of revenue. Despite, the huge success of the prestigious law firm, Skadden has stuck with it core vision and that is to help others.

Making an Impact

The law firm has worked with over 1.8 million pro bono cases over a period of 10 years which is a tremendous feat. Making an impact is at the heart of the firm's strategy. The firm is dedicated to providing pro bono services to its clients all over the world. The firm believes that money should not create a hurdle is receiving justice.

Skadden stands by lawyer's social responsibility and ensures that each of the lawyers working at the law firm do some pro bono work. It is a part of the requirement for lawyers to become successful at the leading pro bono law firm. The legal system should be accessible to everyone and that is what Skadden wants to ensure for the public. All the attorneys that work at the firm will help anyone in need.


The firm has dedicated over 1.5 million hours to providing pro bono services over a period of 9 years alone. If anyone has a legal problem but can't afford legal services, then Skadden is the law firm they should turn to. The firm is committed to providing everyone with the best services regardless of their financial situation.

Charitable Endeavors

The attorneys at Skadden are involved in various charitable endeavors. From the moment a new employee is hired at Skadden, he or she is encouraged to find a cause which they are passionate about. The firm ensures that the employee's interests are matched with the legal needs of the community.

Diverse Pro Bono Work

The pro bono work that the law firm does is diverse and covers just about every single legal issue which a person could go through. The work includes immigration and asylum, tax emption, nonprofit incorporation, operations, administrative hearings, civil litigation, criminal matters, life planning, veteran issues, community development, domestic violence and much more.

When a person enters Skadden, they will immediately know that they are in good hands. The firm looks towards expanding its pro bono work and is always on the lookout for lawyers who want to make a difference in the world.

Anyone going through a legal issue should know that Skadden will take care of everything for them. Money is something, client should not be worried about as Skadden wants to help those who are in need.