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Linklaters Managing Partner

Linklaters Managing Partner Gideon Moore Gets Second Term

Linklaters is one of the leading multinational law firms, which is headquartered in London. It was founded in the year 1838 and is a member of the Magic Circle. Currently, the prestigious law firm employs more than 2,000 lawyers across 20 countries.

The firm has a practice in a wide range of legal matters besides just corporate law. The employees who work at Linklaters are some of the best. One of the main employees working at the firm is Gideon Moore who is the managing partner of the firm. Recently, Moore has been given a second term to work as the managing partner at the law firm.

Re-Elected by Partnership

The partnership has re-elected Moore for a second term. The partners had confirmed that the former banking head would continue his role during the two-day annual partnership meeting which had been held in Cannes. Gideon Moore remained unopposed at the partnership meeting. However, the second term would be much shorter as compared to the first. It will help bring the senior partners and the managing partner in sync with each other. Whereas, the first term of the Senior Partner Charlie Jacobs would come to an end by 2021.

Gideon had replaced the managing partner Simon Davies in January 2016 after having seen off competition from the dispute resolution Asia managing partner Marc Harvey and head Michael Bennett. Simon Davies had surprised the company in early 2016 when he decided to join Lloyds Banking Group. This led to early elections and the selection of Gideon as the man to take charge.

First Term

During the first term of Moore, he had implemented a refreshed strategy in which the firm had dropped the individual partner metrics as well as the annual assessments to focus on firm wide and team performance. Gideon has truly shown that he is a man with vision and continues to bring out change.

Another issue which Moore has focused on is pushing through the lockstep reforms. This in turn provided much more flexibility in allowing the partners to move on the equity ladder. It led to an introduction of a gate at the 8th year of regular and progression reviews for the partners who had reached the top of equity.

As the revenues of Moore grew by 6 percent to pass the 1.5 bn mark, the firm's most recent set of financial results had been muted, but the profits continued to remain flat. However, it is to be noted that the industry faced a similar situation.


Gideon Moore in a statement recently said that "I am honored to have the opportunity and privilege to continue leading Linklaters. The last few years have been immensely rewarding and my job now will be to continue creating the best conditions for the firm to excel: delivering best-in-class client experience; investing appropriately to manage our business ever more efficiently and innovatively; and ensuring Linklaters is a place where our people can perform to their best and thrive in their careers" regarding his reappointment.