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Freshfields Bruchaus

Freshfields Bruchaus Deringer is Making Strides for Environmental Impact & Focuses on Brexit

Global warming has made living on planet Earth difficult and the impact of global warming is only likely to increase. If we look at the recent subzero effects on Chicago and the immediate change in climate in the city which led to a heat wave that took several lives, we will understand that global warming is an eminent threat.

Freshfields Bruchaus Deringer also known as FBD or Freshfields for short is one of the prestigious law firms, which has been making an impact when it comes to the environment. The firm was founded in the year 1743. It is one of the most prestigious law firms and is also one of the largest law firms in the entire world. It is headquartered in London and is a member of the Magic Circle.

FBD is the oldest law firm that is a part of the Magic Circle. It has a focus on the environment and is always on the lookout for green law. Another core focus of the law firm is Brexit. For those who do not know, Brexit is the term which is used to describe the pull out of the United Kingdom from the European Union (EU).

Brexit & Merger Control

The law firm is focusing on Brexit and merger control. Mergers will be a critical topic when we look at Brexit. As we wait for the big day when Britain leaves the EU indefinitely, it is important for businesses in the UK to know where they stand. This is why FBD is making sure that the interests of businesses, in the UK are protected.

The firm has been making sure that all the draft changes have been taken into account and is going out of its way to ensure that the clients have a complete outlook of Brexit. All the changes which are being discussed by the UK Government have been taken into account to offer bona fide legal advice to its clients.

As Brexit looms near, it is vital for businesses to find out what can possibly happen. Many businesses have merged with other businesses to ensure that they enjoy competitive advantage.

Making an Environmental Impact

FBD is working towards ensuring that climate change issues are spoken about and has been supporting environmental causes. The law firm is dedicated to ensuring that its attorneys have knowledge of all the issues concerning the environment. It particularly focuses on green law.

Green law is concerned on the environmental impact that businesses make and how a business can work towards a more sustainable model. FBD helps businesses which want to make changes to their organization in line with the standards that have been set.

More and more governments have started to realize the importance of having green laws in place to protect the environment and if a business wants to ensure that it follows the laws then it should rely on FBD to help them out with that.