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Clifford Chance

Clifford Chance Gives Advice to the NS Financial Services for the Sale of a Rolling Stock Leasing Business to the 3I European Operational Projects Fund

Clifford Chance is one of the leading law firms, which is headquartered in the heart of London. It is a member of the Magic Circle. Having a history which dates back to more than a century allows the law firm to provide legal advice which is backed with extensive experience in the field.

The firm has recently given advice to the subsidiary of the Dutch Railways Corporation that is Irish NS FS. The advice provided to the company helped pave the way for the sale of the business. It has been observed that DISA Assets Limited has leased fifty-four trains that are operated by the ARMG. It has been made for the transportation of the area which would be operated from the Center of Germany.

Preparation and Execution of the Bidding Process

The team of experts at Clifford Chance had assisted the subsidiary for the arrangement as well as execution of the bidding process. They also assisted for the arrangement to be completed. During the year 2016, Clifford Chance corned representative had led a team in which it had provided assistance to the NS FS with the project and asset for the acquisition of the railways.

The team which is advising the NS FS is one of the best. All the members of the team are experts in their field and have provided the company with a solution to sell of the project with ease. It comes to show the expertise of Clifford Chance and why the prestigious firm is truly the best when it comes to business acquisition and sales. The recent success of the firm has helped boost its performance in the current period. It is one of the transactions which is of great value.

Sales Process

The group of representatives from the Dutch Railways and NS FS consisted of the four main representatives. Markus Frohlich and Christian Forster from the ARG had also provided assistance for the entire transaction.

Irish Transaction Counsel

The prestigious firm M & F had acted as the advisor for the transaction. Due to the expertise of the firm, the entire process was completed with ease. There is a great advantage of using the services of the firm.

Looking at the Irish transaction counsel, it can be found that the team of members is highly qualified to ensure that the transaction goes according to the prescribed plan. It will be one of the largest transactions which will be conducted in the period. Clifford Chance has been working with NS Financial Services for a long time now and it is believed that the transaction will help further strengthen the client-attorney relationship.

Clifford Chance is one of the largest law firms in the region and having the law firm working with NS Financial Services will help ensure that everything goes as planned. The team of experts advising NS Financial Services is an expert in the field.