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Baker McKenzie

Baker McKenzie Tops the Global London Rankings by Headcount This Year

Just about everyone has heard about Baker McKenzie. It is one of the leading prestigious law firms in the entire world. Baker McKenzie has an extensive history of providing services to various countries around the globe. The company was co-founded by partner Russell Baker. It all started in Chicago.

The Global London Rankings by Headcount for the year have been released and Baker McKenzie has once again topped the list. It is one of the few law firms which has achieved break through since the financial crisis.

Largest Law Firm

Being one of the largest law firms in the world by headcount, Baker McKenzie is the premier law firm choice. The expertise of the law firm covers all major legal issues. Baker McKenzie is the #1 law firm brand as it is the world's strongest law firm brand for 9 years running.

Transactional Powerhouse

Baker McKenzie leads and closes about 3 deals a day which shows the range and technical experience of the law firm. Dealing with the firm will make it easier for your legal issues to be solved in a record amount of time.


Being ranked 10th in Stonewall's Top 100 Employers is all due to its diverse workforce. Baker McKenzie is a law firm which only looks at talent, regardless of the person's ethnicity or racial background. Diversity is an asset of the prestigious law firm.

Signatory of UN Global Compact

Sustainability initiative is a part of the firm's corporate policy. It is due to this reason that the firm a signatory of the world's largest corporate sustainability initiative. Being a UN signatory, it means that the firm stands by the United Nations for a more peaceful world for us to live in.

Supporter of HeForShe Movement

Baker McKenzie is a global supporter of the HeForShe Movement which is why, the employees or future employees of the firm can be rest assured that the firm will ensure that they have the freedom to be themselves. It is one of the few global law firms that support the HeForShe Movement.

The Reason behind the Ranking by Headcount

There are many reasons behind the ranking by headcount. One of the main reasons why Baker McKenzie has topped the ranking is due to the fact that the legal services offered by the firm are in various languages. This allows the firm to become the leading law firm.

It is important for law firms to be able to provide legal services in various languages as it helps the clients to better communicate with the firm. Communication is vital when it comes to understanding a case and helping clients achieve success.

After the financial crises, leading law firms such as Baker McKenzie have realized the importance of existing clients. When law firms continue to provide their existing clients with the best legal services, it helps them retain the existing clients. This is in turn ensures that the firm remains competitive.