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Allen & Overy

Allen & Overy Has Announced 38 Counsel Promotions

A&O or Allen & Overy LLP is one of the leading international law firms. It advised national as well as multinational corporations, governments and even financial institutions. A&O is a member of the Magic Circle which consists of UK's elite law firms.

The prestigious law firm was founded in 1930 in the capital of England by two ambitious partners Allen and Overy. The firm had a main focus on commercial practices and even advised the Monarch in power during the late 1930s. It is due to this that the reputation of the firm far exceeded the reputation of other firms in the region.


On the 25th of April, 2019 the law firm announced that it had advanced thirty-eight attorneys to the position of counsel. The counsel consists of 15 women, are work in various branches in the region. From the 1st of May, 2019 the promotions will be effective.

Comments by Global Managing Partner

The GM Partner Andrew Ballheimer congratulated all the promoted attorneys in his comments by saying that he is proud of all the efforts of the lawyers that were promoted and that the prestigious firm is dedicated to investing in its talent. Anyone looking for an exciting legal career should consider working at Allen & Overy.

If you look at the list of counsel promotions, you will notice that women have also been considered for many of the promotions. It comes to show that the prestigious firm is truly dedicated to ensuring that each of the individuals who work at the firm is given fair treatment.


A career at Allen & Overy is a huge break for emerging attorneys. From the moment that new attorneys join the firm, they are all given an opportunity to work on cases that they are passionate about. This allows the attorneys to specialize in the legal field of their choice. It leads to increased employee morale and a higher level of motivation among the employees.

The law firm is committed to ensuring that each attorney at the organization is compensated for his or her hard work. A career at the prestigious firm is exciting and highly rewarding. Attorneys are provided with cases that will help them get ahead in the field.

Each of the attorneys is assigned with a mentor who advises the attorneys on all matters and monitors their progress. It helps with appraisal and a transparent evaluation of the attorneys.

Equal Opportunities Law Firm

One of the reasons behind Allen & Overy's success is due to the fact that the organization ensures that there are equal opportunities in the law firm for all the employees. This means that women who are ambitious can lead a more successful career if they work at Allen & Overy.

Ethnicity, race, sexual orientation, gender, religion and other groups of individuals all have an equal opportunity to succeed at the law firm. This helps create an environment where everyone can work together towards a similar goal.